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Arc Welder Machine 120 Amp [ATE Pro Tools 87854]
Arc Welder Machine 120 Amp [ATE Pro Tools 97854] with Wheels
Input current : 110V AC single phase. Welding current: 50-120 Amps
Duty cycle: 60% @50 Amps 10% @120Amps 15 Amps @110v
Cable : 6 gauge Weldable electrodes: 1/16" to 3/32"
Thermal protection with over heat warning light.
Stepless current regulator. Simple to operate fan cooled.
Include welding mask chipping hammer, brush, torch, tip, ground cord with clamp.
Versatile hobby use best for welding plate steel.

Arc Welding Machine 130 Amp [Ridgerock 10912]

Rated input voltage: 110 V
No load voltage: 48 V
Input Capacity(KAV): 6.4
Current range: 55-130A
Rated duty cycle: 10%@130A
Electrodes(mm) 1.2-3.2
Class of insulation: H
Case protection degree 21s
Fan cooled: yes
Thermal protection: yes

Accessories: 14 gauge 6.5' power cord, 5' earth clamp, 6.5' electrode clamp

*Information above provided by Ridgerock Tools

Arc Welder 160 Amp [ATE Pro 97859]

Features: Single phase, portable fan cooled, stick electrode welding machines for MMA welding in alternating current (AC). Stapless regulation of welding current with thermostatic protection. Usable electrodes: Rutile. Complete with MMA welding accessories

Specifications: Rated input voltage: 220V No load voltage: 48V
Current range: 55-160A 15% @ 130AMPS
Rated duty:10%@160AMPS 60% @80AMPS 25%@10AMP
Input capacity: 8KVA

Flux Wire Welder MIG-100 [ATE Pro 97866]

Input voltage: 115v/60Hz AC, single phase.
Welding current: 63 to 68 amps (low) 79 to 90 amps (high)
Duty cycle: 10% @ 80 amps 18% @ 60 amps
Max open circuit voltage: 25V
Wire capacity: 0.030" or 0.035" Variable feed speed control.

Torch with full on/off safety protection. Weld mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron (must use correct wire and gas).

Includes welding mask, chipping hammer, brush, torch, tip, ground cord with clamp.

No gas required.

*Information above provided by ATE Pro Tools

Flux Welder w/Auto Wire Feed 100 Amp [Ridgerock 10914]
Flux Welder w/Auto Wire Feed 130 Amp [Ridgerock 10917]

Rated input voltage: 110 V/60HZ
No-load voltage: 33 V
Current adjusting range:
     Model 10914: 50 - 100 AC / Model 10917: 50 - 125 AC
Rated duty cycle:
     Model 10914: 10%@90 amp / Model 10917: 10%@120 amp
Welding wire(mm): 0.6 - 0.8
Class of insulation: H

Accessories: Cable with mig torch 2m, cable with earth clamp 1.5m, power line 2m, brush, protective mask

*Information above provided by Ridgerock Tools